MAX train floods on the Portland waterfront

PORTLAND, Ore. - There's a reason MAX trains use bridges to get across the Willamette.

The heavy rain that flooded countless Portland streets on Saturday also left some standing water on the SW 1st Avenue line under the Morrison Bridge.

Huy Yang says he was taking MAX from Saturday Market to the City Center when water started flooding the train car just before the 3rd & Morrison stop. | WATCH{>}{>}{>}

According to TriMet, flooding underneath the Morrison Bridge and high water caused the train to take on water.

A TriMet spokesperson said the water rose fairly fast which does not necessarily mean the MAX line operator drove into the flooded area intentionally. TriMet officials also add that electricity on the train is located above and everything else is insulated, so the rush of water posed no immediate safety risk.

TriMet issued a warning Saturday saying all of its MAX and buses were experiencing major delays due to flooding.

PHOTOS: Heavy rain floods Portland-metro

Meantime, hundreds of Blazers heading to the Rose Garden missed the first part of the game because of said delays.

"I've never seen this! This is weird, real weird," one fan told KATU News.

"Yeah, we were suppose to be there at 7. It's like 8. We might not even go there," she continued.

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Anna Canzano KATU here. Check out this video taken on MAX tonight. The rider tells us he was travelling from Saturday...

Posted by KATU News on Saturday, October 31, 2015

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