Meeting about Stoller Middle School threat held

The meeting about the email threat made toward Stoller Middle School last week was moved to Westview High School on Wednesday night to accommodate all in attendance. (KATU Photo)

Parents peppered police, sheriff's deputies and the Beaverton School District on Wednesday with questions about the response to an email threat last week at Stoller Middle School.

The school was locked down for several hours Friday.

While there was some frustration, parents say they got more information and that helped alleviate many concerns.

They also helped authorities identify ways to improve their response.

"Communication, definitely, was a gap that many of us felt. Some of the disorganization, as things were rolling, was a concern, and then the reunification," said parent Yvonne Myette.

Police and deputies answered many parents' questions.

The meeting had to be moved to Westview High School to accommodate all in attendance.

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