Memorial left for three dead in crash near Kalama

Three killed in a crash near Kalama, Washington. Washington State Patrol Photo.

A witness to a tragic crash on Interstate 5 in Kalama says he saw paramedics rush over to try and save the lives of a young child and her grandparents who ultimately died after the family's SUV rolled in the median on Saturday.

Heartbroken for the family, Jill Rich put together a memorial Sunday afternoon. She made a cross and put together all the personal belongings left behind from the crash.

"It's horrifying. Absolutely horrifying and devastated. I'm still upset. I've been upset since [Saturday] night. I just wanted to do something. Something for the family. Something for the people that have passed," said Rich.

Mike Baker tells KATU News he was 15 cars behind the SUV that rolled over.

"When we saw everybody start braking, that's when we saw a car go off the road," said Baker. "They had a lot of people running everywhere trying to figure out how they're going to do it and who's going to be where."

Trooper Will Finn from the Washington State Patrol says six people were in the SUV; three adults and three children.

Daryl Tuimavave, 36, was behind the wheel. She was the only wearing a seat belt; the other five were thrown out of the car.

Tuimavave's parents, Oferia Nuusolia, 60, and Lokeni Nuusolia, 65, along with her six-year-old daughter were killed on scene.

Her five-year-old son was flown to Randall Children's hospital from the crash. Her seven-year-old daughter originally were taken to St. Johns Medical Center from the crash, but sometime in the evening, her daughter was flown to Randall Hospital.

Baker says he sympathizes with Tuimavave. He lost his three-year-old daughter two years ago.

"I felt the worst. It was like a rewind back in my life," said Baker. "It's a never-ending battle though. You'll never get over it. It'll be inside you for the rest of your life."

Investigators believe the driver was distracted by something in her car. When Tuimavave looked up, she noticed traffic had slowed down, that's when she over-corrected and crashed into the median. Investigators say the SUV flipped twice down the hill.

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