Micah Fletcher, injured in MAX stabbing, returns to school

Micah Fletcher speaks Monday night during a Montavilla Neighborhood Association Board meeting. The scar remains on his neck from where he was stabbed while defending two girls being harassed on the MAX last May. (KATU Photo)

Micah Fletcher, the young man who was stabbed aboard a MAX train earlier this year in a violent attack, has returned to class at Portland State University following weeks of recovery.

Two other men, Ricky John Best and Taliesin Myrddin Namkai Meche, were also stabbed on the train that day and didn't survive their injuries.

He's working toward a Bachelor's degree in music, and has recently won a seat on the Montavilla Neighborhood Association Board.

He said he's still haunted by the events of that day in May.

"I'm a little more paranoid now... that's a lie. I'm a lot more paranoid now. I don't really sleep very well. Generally speaking, I have to focus a lot more on taking care of myself," he said.

The man accused of attacking them, Jeremy Christian, has a motion hearing scheduled for Oct. 20 and a bail hearing on Nov. 15.

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