More than 70 landmarks, popular wedding venue threatened by Eagle Creek fire

A wedding photo taken at Bridal Veil Lakes in 1994 before it opened to the public as a wedding venue.  (Photo courtesy Jennifer Miller).

Multnomah County Sheriff's Office Search and Rescue said Tuesday that more than 70 landmarks are located in or near the Eagle Creek fire.

They include the Multnomah Falls Lodge, which firefighters could be seen protecting from nearby flames Tuesday morning, as well as Bonneville, Cascade Locks, Crown Point, Cougar Falls, Devil's Backbone and Bridal Veil.

"It's a view that is you just can't compare it. It's stunning." Jennifer Miller, the venue administrator for Bridal Veil Lakes, a popular wedding venue, told KATU while discussing the location on Tuesday. “People describe it as a slice of heaven.”

She said for her it was the only choice.

"My husband and I were the first people to be married there in 1994 before we ever opened it up for a wedding venue," Miller said. "Our anniversary is this weekend, September 10th."

Miller said the venue has hosted weddings for nearly two decades.

"We host, oh, 65, up to 75 weddings a year," Miller explained. "We operate mid-May through mid-October."

Miller said every weekend through October is booked.

But after the Eagle Creek fire erupted and forced evacuations in Bridal Veil and Corbett, they're shut down.

"We are no longer able to be on site and the smoke is too thick to see so we are completely helpless at this point," said Miller. "We have numerous couples, some whom are getting married this weekend. We need to start finding alternatives for them because we're unsure of how this is all gonna end."

Miller said she's afraid her family may lose its business and two homes on the property.

"It's shock at this point," she said. "Shock and just dealing with what we absolutely have to deal with right this minute."

But Miller said there is a bright side to the situation.

"I am experiencing just an overwhelming outpouring, also, of people who've been married at the lake emailing us or people who've worked at the lake emailing us just saying whatever we can do, whatever we can do," she said.

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