Multnomah Falls Lodge forced to close for the day because of ice

Multnomah Falls on Dec. 26, 2017 (KATU News photo)

Multnomah Falls is hard to disappoint.

It's stunning, especially in the snow.

But on Tuesday, it was the beauty that was to blame. The path to the lodge froze over, and there was really no reasonable way to get across because underneath the layer of ice was ice-cold water.

"Probably four to six inches," Mark Davenport, the Multnomah Falls Lodge general manager, said.

Davenport tried to fix the issue.

"I have investigated moving sand bags, poking some holes in the plastic wall to let the water escape," Davenport said.

But it wasn't enough, and yet again, the lodge had to close for the day.


“We've been closed enough,” Davenport said, referencing this past summer when the Eagle Creek Fire burned through the area.

But the tourists who braved the cold took what they could get.

“Just seeing it right now, it's beautiful, it's breathtaking,” Stephanie Madrid, a first-time visitor to the falls, said.

"I don't know, I just think it's one of the things that, it's right off the freeway, you can't not stop and see it,” Brooklynn Alvarez, who drove here from Idaho with Madrid, said.

Even though the lodge is closed, the scene was certainly still stunning, and one worth snapping a picture of, even if it's not the picture that was planned.

“It's just part of being a photographer, you know, you get up early in the morning to try and catch a beautiful sunrise, and sometimes you don't get it,” Steve Heinrichs, a photographer from Bend, said. “Kind of like this morning."

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