Nails litter popular bike lane along North Interstate Avenue

Cyclists are often finding nails scattered all over the bike lane on North Interstate Avenue. (KATU Photo)

Cyclists in North Portland are complaining about a persistent problem: nails scattered all over the bike lane on North Interstate Avenue.

"I used to stop and pick them up and not report them to anyone," said Jessica Hunter. "It's been going on for a while. Is this intentional or is this an accident?"

Hunter has been running the Twitter account @InterstateNails since the Spring, but she says the problem has been going on for at least two years.

She says she's complained to Portland's Bureau of Transportation about it and the mess usually gets cleaned up pretty quickly. The Twitter account shows there's been an uptick in nails left in the bike lane this fall and Hunter hopes the city can be more proactive in clearing the sharp objects from her path.

"Whether it's intentional or an accident, it's still a problem," Hunter said. "I mean the last thing we need on our roads is roofing nails. To not have the bike lane be the last one to get attention, it's a priority. It's a large part of our transportation infrastructure in Portland and many rely on biking to work."

PBOT says it's aware of the ongoing problem, but didn't reply to KATU News's inquiries about what steps it's taking to mitigate the issue.

A roofing company that's near where the bulk of the nails have been found says it's not responsible for the problem.

When KATU News reached a representative from Clow Roofing & Siding by phone Friday afternoon the company says it was surprised to hear the problem is still going on.

The employee added that its workers typically have their roofing nails strung together and any loose nails are kept in a plastic bag that's locked in a box.

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