Near-freezing temps prompt 'Cold Weather Advisory' in Portland area

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PORTLAND, Ore. – The forecast calls for temperatures dipping to the near-freezing level overnight, prompting emergency officials in the Portland metro area to issue a “cold weather advisory.”

An extra shelter will be open in Northwest Portland overnight Sunday to help people get out of the frigid temperatures. You can find your closest shelter or warming center by calling 2-1-1 or going online.

The Joint Office of Homeless Services asks people to “be vigilant” and watch out for neighbors in need during the cold weather.

If you see someone who may not be ready for the cold and “doesn’t seem capable of caring for themselves,” you can request a welfare check by calling the police non-emergency line at (503) 823-3333.

If the person’s situation is mental health-related, call the Mental Health Crisis Line any time of day at (503) 988-4888.

If there’s an imminent risk to safety, call 9-1-1.

Local shelters are looking for donations through the winter months of cold weather clothing or gear like coats, socks, or blankets. You can drop them off at Transition Projects at 665 NW Hoyt Street at any time.

At last count, the City of Portland had more than 1,600 people living on the streets.

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