Nearly 3,000 pounds of marijuana found in SE Portland warehouse

Hundreds of marijuana plants found inside SE Portland warehouse (Portland Police photo)

Portland Police say they uncovered nearly 3,000 pounds of marijuana being illegally grown inside a warehouse.

They received an anonymous tip about the warehouse, which is located in the 6000 block of SE 111th Avenue last Friday.

Officers learned hundreds of harvested marijuana plants were being brought to the warehouse. There, they found 16 people working inside, processing the dried marijuana plants.

When asked what they were doing, they said they were harvesting the plants for five patients under the Oregon Medical Marijuana Program, and they were "in the process" of obtaining licenses through the Oregon Liquor Control Commission.

No license had been granted.

The operation was in excess of the total 30 plants allowed under state law and guidelines. In fact, the warehouse had about 500 plants, which weighed nearly 3,000 pounds.

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