Neighbors suing Bullseye Glass hope to reach class action status

Bullseye Glass - KATU photo

PORTLAND, Ore. - Some neighbors in Southeast Portland will be at the Multnomah County Courthouse Friday to show their support for what could be a class action lawsuit against Bullseye Glass.

They’re concerned about the factory’s emissions and claim they’ve polluted their neighborhood for years.

The neighbors named in the suit say they plan to show at trial how Bullseye Glass’ “decades of unchecked emissions have polluted properties within the Plume.”

This all started back in February 2016 when a report showed a concentration of hazardous air pollution, particularly emissions of cadmium and arsenic, in the Southeast Portland neighborhood.

This sparked panic throughout the neighborhood and for a few weeks, neighbors were told not to eat their produce.

Bullseye Glass contends they followed the letter of the law when it came to regulations and installed bag-house filters since the scare.

Bullseye Glass filed its own $30 million lawsuit against the state because of the state’s “irrational and discriminatory conduct which caused irreparable harm to Bullseye’s business operations and reputation.”

The class action motion hearing is Friday at 2:30.

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Bullseye Glass Co.'s motion to dismiss:

Lawsuit filed by Southeast Portland neighbors:

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