Neighbors worry about nuisance home in Aloha; police have been there 29 times in past year

Sabrina Marsolini snapped this photo of the home. (Photo: Sabrina Marsolini)

Sabrina Marsolini snapped photos after Washington County narcotics officers knocked down the fence behind her home during a September raid.

“In the backyard there were tents set up until two days ago,” said Marsolini

One picture shows a strange collection of bicycles stored in back of the house.

“And they ended up shooting beanbag rounds and had a warrant for the house,” said Marsolini describing the raid. “And they entered, and they only ended up taking a couple people into custody. Within 24 hours it was all back again.”

The home's owner, 60-year-old Kyle Arnold, was one of those arrested during that raid and charged with felony meth possession.

Arnold was arrested and convicted of the very same charge last year.

Arnold also has a 2015 felony conviction for strangling a woman and threatening her with a weapon.

The Washington County Sheriff's Office said deputies have responded to problems at Arnold’s home 29 times in just the past year, handling everything from drug overdoses and reports of suspicious people to serving search warrants.

Marsolini said Arnold lived in the home with no problems for more than 20 years.

But several years ago something changed.

“There was furniture outside in the backyard, broken stuff. I mean, it really looked like a homeless camp,” said Marsolini.

Now Arnold is locked up until at least December, while people move in and out of the house.

Neighbors are grateful sheriff's investigators have done what they can but they are also frustrated.

“We don't know what to do at this point. I mean if he's locked up, he can't really be here to fix the situation,” said Marsolini, “We'd like to see it cleaned up. We'd like to see the people out of there, and if the homeowner's incarcerated, then the bank needs to come take the house back or whatever, but we need our neighborhood back.”

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