New '365' grocery store concept opening in Lake Oswego

Crews are putting the finishing touches on the new 365 by Whole Foods Market store set to open Thursday, July 14, 2016 in Lake Oswego. The store is a simpler version of the Whole Foods stores that features the house 365 brand. The layout, ready-to-eat options, and local businesses Next Level Burger and Canteen, the store is focused on making meals easy. (Photo by Tristan Fortsch)

LAKE OSWEGO, Ore. -- KATU has gotten an inside look at a new concept grocery store opening this week in Lake Oswego.

It's called "365," and if that name sounds familiar, it's taken from the house brand of Whole Foods, the company behind the new idea.

"The stores are a little bit smaller, the product mix a little more curated," says 365 President Jeff Turnas. "But at the core, the base, it's still the same quality as Whole Foods."

365 is sort of a stripped down, more efficient, some might say, cookie-cutter store. The goals are to keep prices lower and operating costs down.

Ready to cook items are available. Shelves have been lowered so shoppers can navigate the store better. And while there may not be as wide a selection of items as a typical Whole Foods, the ability to "grab and go," has an appeal the company is hoping will catch on.

There are some special additions, like a "teabot" that creates custom blended teas. Shoppers will also find two local businesses installed within the store: Canteen is a local juice bar, and Next Level Burger serves up plant-based burgers and hot dogs.

Next Level CEO and founder Matthew de Gruyter says it was an easy decision for them to team up with Whole Foods.

"Ethos is very important to us and Whole Foods really lined up, especially the 365 concept, as far as wanting to achieve the same goals," he said.

Both Canteen and Next Level are considered "Friends of 365." Other local companies will be installed similarly in other markets across the country.

Turnas says, "The first three stores really are our test. We've put forward a model and we're really excited about it. We've had some nice early success in Silver Lake (Los Angeles), but we're going to learn from Lake Oswego."

The next 365 will open in Bellevue, Washington this fall. More locations are set for states like Texas, Illinois, Georgia and Florida.

365 by Whole Foods Market is located at 11 S. State Street in Lake Oswego. It opens Thursday, July 14 at 9 a.m.

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