New dad gets surprise after driving burning car out of hospital

New dad gets surprise after driving burning car out of hospital (PHOTO: KOMO News)

A big surprise for a brand new father who drove his burning car out of a hospital parking garage to save other cars. Travis Trent's actions Thursday have gained a ton of appreciation.

"The next thing I know I saw smoke coming out of the dashboard," said Trent. He is the new father of a Christmas baby and was parked in the Good Samaritan Hospital parking garage when his car caught fire next to 20-30 other cars.

"And so I said 'this ain't happening here' and pulled out and tried to get to the top and made sure I got my girlfriend's makeup and car seat out of the car," he said.

His car was toasted. The fire department said "you probably shouldn't drive a burning car."

"But the fact that he did it and didn't get injured and saved potentially thousands and thousands of dollars in damage to the parking structure, not mention the cars he was next to, is pretty incredible," said Capt. Darrin Shaw of Central Pierce Fire & Rescue.

Trent's car was a BMW 528. The owner of Sunset Auto Wholesale in Tacoma, Nathan Craig, heard about what happened from Trent's brother Tony Gordon, one of his salesmen. They happened to have the same model on the lot so Craig decided to donate it to Trent.

The surprise presentation happened Friday at the Tacoma car lot with new baby Kennedy and new mom Jordan Schultz there to see it. "Oh man. No way. No way," said Trent reaching in and finding a note. "From Sunset to Baby Kennedy. We want you to know we care."

"I'm in shock," said Schultz. "I wasn't expecting that."

Trent added, "Means a lot that people care."

The parking garage was saved and no other cars damaged. However, Schultz wasn't too thrilled to hear Trent drove a burning car. "No you probably shouldn't do that. You shouldn't get in a car that's on fire," she said.

"But when you're in a parking garage you don't think that's the best place for a car to burn up in flames," Trent said.

But no one was hurt and this now means Christmas baby Kennedy has a new Christmas gift ride home.

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