New parents surprised by no-cause eviction notice

No-cause eviction leaves new parents looking for a new home

EUGENE, Ore. - According to an Oregon legislator, "no-cause" evictions are not a rarity, and it happened recently to a Eugene couple who were about to become parents.

Stephanie and Ernest Parrish are still trying to understand why they got a 60-day no-cause eviction notice for their South Eugene apartment.

Two weeks ago, they received the notice from Bell Real Estate when Stephanie was about to deliver her first child.

Now, as their baby girl is just six days old, both parents have to figure out where they are going to raise her.

"It's scary," said Ernest. "It doesn't feel like a thing that should be legal."

It is legal, though, according to Oregon Law:

If your tenacy began more than one year ago, your lanlord must give you a 60-day notice of termination.

Bell Real Estate complied with the law, and they didn't have to give a reason for their eviction notice.

Oregon State Senator James Manning Jr. has heard of, and lived through, this type of story before.

Because of that, he responded with House Bill 2004. The proposal would have eliminated no-cause evictions, and construct more affordable housing.

The bill passed the House, but failed in the Senate.

Meanwhile, these new parents are looking for a new place to live. They say they came across their own apartment online, listed for $90 more a month than they're paying.

For now, they're hoping they can find a home and raise their new baby girl, whom they named Justice.

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