New PSU program offers qualifying Oregon residents four years tuition-free

0121 psu generic.png

In an effort to mitigate rising college costs, Portland State University announced Monday a new program that would pay 100 percent tuition for qualifying Oregon residents.

High school counselors received information about the "Four Years Free" program Monday, which applies to almost all of their students who maintain a 3.4 GPA in high school and qualify for the Federal Pell Grant program.

"Money is an enormous issue,” said local high school counselor Lori Butler, per the release from PSU. “'Four Years Free' at Portland State could make a huge difference for students who want to go straight to a four-year college but are concerned about the cost.”

Students who meet the requirements (academically, financially and otherwise) could save more than $30,000 on their four-year degree through the program.

The release said housing and other school-related expenses were not included in the Four Year Free program.


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