New Washington County rules limit time RVs can be parked on streets

RVs like this will no longer be a permanent part of Washington County neighborhoods after new rules went into effect Jan. 1. (KATU Photo)

A new Washington County ordinance went into place New Year's Day that will limit how many days an RV can be parked on streets.

The new ordinance also applies to people who are sleeping in cars.

The ordinance reads:

No person shall use a vehicle or recreational vehicle for overnight lodging on a public right of way for a period in excess of 48 hours at the same location or within a two-mile radius of the same location.
No person shall park a recreational vehicle on a residential street within the Enhanced Sheriff's Patrol District for a period in excess of four days (96 consecutive hours) in any 28-day period.

"It can create issues with neighbors. I can understand if they're not respectful or messy. I can kind of see it create an issue, but if they're respectful to the neighborhood and they're quiet, it's a different situation to me," said Karissa Shropshire, who lives near Aloha.

In areas near Aloha on Southwest Blanton Street there are clusters of RVs parked on the street.

"We're not going to go out there and try and kick people out of the place they have to stay, especially in this cold weather," said Washington County Sheriff's Office Detective Mark Povolny "We do want to make sure we can find a balance to make sure these vehicles aren't being left around a neighborhood and becoming problematic for neighbors and people who live there permanently."

Along Somerset West Park there was one RV parked along the street.

Pat Adamosky said he allows his son's friend, who is having a hard time, stay there.

"For six months he's been looking for a place but everything's so expensive and a minimum wage job is difficult for anybody," he said.

If forced to move in four days, Adamosky doesn't know where he'll go.

"I think it's going to be a problem for a lot of people. I know other people who have relatives or friends or sons or daughters who have to live in an RV or a camper. You can't find anywhere to rent out here -- it's just so expensive," he said.

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