New way to shop coming to Fred Meyer

Courtesy Fred Meyer

There will be a new way to shop at Fred Meyer soon - and all you need is your phone or a handheld scanner, and a shopping bag.

Scan, Bag, Go allows shoppers to use a handheld scanner or their smartphone app to scan and bag items as they shop for a quicker check-out experience.

Some Fred Meyer shoppers are content with the old way of shopping.

Linda Westfall says all she has is a "dumb phone" and that's good enough for her.

She likes the personal contact of talking with the people who put out the food and tally up the cost.

"I suppose for some people who are in a hurry, have all kinds of things going on in their lives, that’s great. To me this is part of my social hour, to go shopping and to say hi to people in the check-out line ."

Analysts at the Portland office of 'Percipio'' business consultants, say the high-tech addition is in keeping with business trends across the country, to reach younger shoppers who are more used to dealing with machines and don't need or even want the human contact.

It's also a way for companies to keep down employee overhead.

And some shoppers, even 27 year old Bryan Mora, worry that there could be cut-backs.

"It seems like it’s going to be taking away a lot of jobs, in the long run, it might be convenient, it might sound really cool, but it’s like this new online marker, it’s not going to go too many places."

Ian Byrd uses Fred Meyer's online shopping drive up, and finds it even more convenient than he thinks Grab.Scan.Go will be.

"It’s a lot faster. If I go in the store I end up browsing, it takes a much longer time, so when we just have a regular order we can come and take care of it in less than ten minutes."

Fred Meyer plans on putting in the technology at 26 of its 132 stores, but the exact locations haven't been identified.

They'll debut some time this spring.

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