Stickers shaming car camping in SE Portland: 'There are better solutions'

The modified sticker found in Ladd's Addition now reads "Not car camping in Ladd's Addition," instead of the original, "No car camping in Ladd's Addition." (KATU News photo)

KATU News discovered someone is "sticker shaming" people whose vans are parked in and around Southeast Portland's Ladd's Addition neighborhood with a message against car camping.

In one post on Reddit, a resident said he got to his work van one morning and found a sticker that reads, "No car camping in Ladd's Addition" on his car. He has lived in the area for about 10 years and said he understands frustration over people camping in their cars. But he also chastised whoever is responsible for assuming a van parked on a street has someone camping inside, and modified it to say, "not car camping in Ladd's Addition."

We reached out to the van's owner, but he didn't want to talk about the incident. Another resident posted about the stickers on NextDoor, saying someone had stuck them to her car, not once, but twice.

Portland police say no one has filed a vandalism complaint about the stickers.

Peter Ritson, who also lives in Ladd's Addition, says the stickers are a bad idea.

"I think there is better ways to approach this. I do understand, if you're unhappy that may be one solution, but I think there's better solutions to that," Ritson said.

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