Nonprofit sees record number of families in need of holiday help

"Christmas has always been important in my life," says Mike Burright, founder of the Christmas Family Adoption Foundation.

A local organization is seeing a record number of families in need this Christmas.

The Christmas Family Adoption Foundation stopped taking applications a couple weeks ago after receiving more than 700. But it still has more than 100 families that need to be adopted.

Becoming an “Adopting Angel” means you help provide families in need with toys, clothing and other items.

“One of the families I got this year, the first thing on their list is toilet paper, bar of soap,” says Heather Hooker.

She learned quickly that it doesn’t take a lot to make someone happy.

“The mom came out running and crying, and it was the most unbelievable, heartfelt thank you I’ve ever gotten or ever received,” Hooker says.

For three years Hooker and her family have wrapped gifts and delivered a Christmas to a family through the foundation.

She said it’s changed her life. That’s in part because she met Mike Burright, who founded the nonprofit nearly 15 years ago.

“Christmas has always been important in my life,” he says.

There’s a twinkle in his eyes when he talks about all the families he’s helped over the years.

“Not only do families get some help, but I really do believe the best thing about Christmas is to give, and it gives a lot of people in our community that opportunity to give in a very meaningful way to a specific family,” he says.

“I think just showing up even with the smallest items, like a book or toilet paper or the soap that they needed, they just want to see your face and know that they’re loved and there are people out there that do care,” says Hooker.

Five hundred and sixty families have been adopted so far, but they still need help. If you like to adopt a family, click here.

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