Now that Christmas is over, here's how to recycle your tree photo

Sure, it's fun to get and decorate your tree -- but now that Christmas is over, it's important to also get rid of it responsibly.

Luckily, there are plenty of quick and easy ways to recycle your tree.

1. Recycle your tree with your yard debris collection service.

If you have yard debris collection service, go ahead and place your tree in your yard debris bin. Tree preparation requirements and fees vary throughout the region. For details, call your local solid waste and recycling office, ask Metro at 503-234-3000, or your garbage hauler.

For example, if you live in Portland: Trees that are cut up and placed in the green compost roll cart with the lid closed are picked up as a regular curbside pickup with no additional fee. Trees that are six feet tall or shorter that are at the curb on the regularly scheduled pickup day will be charged an additional $4.85 by the hauling company. Trees taller than six feet should be cut in two. The top piece can be placed in the compost roll cart. There will be a $4.85 fee charged for the piece left outside of the cart.

For a full list of city requirements, visit

2. Support a non-profit.

There are several non-profits that will be happy to pick up your tree. You can use Metro's database to find a group.

Another recycling note: You can’t recycle the Styrofoam packaging from all your Christmas gifts at your curb -- it has to be dropped off somewhere. You can use Metro’s recycler finder for this as well!

Packaging like plastic film, block Styrofoam, packing peanuts and other plastics such as party platters, and rigid plastics including "clamshells," CDs, VHS tapes, Tupperware, Rubbermaid, and other reusable dishware all need to be dropped off somewhere. You can use Metro’s Find a Recycler tool to find depots for these items.

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