Occupy Medical offering flu shots to public at Washington Jefferson Park

Occupy Medical offers free flu shots to those in need with a mobile clinic at Washington Jefferson Park in Eugene.

EUGENE, Ore. - For some, having the flu means spending a few days in bed. But for those living on the street, having the flu could be life threatening.

That is why "Occupy Medical" is urging the public to get vaccinated this year.

Their clinic manager says everyone is welcome to get a free flu shot from their mobile clinic at Washington Jefferson Park in Eugene.

The manager says even if you don't get the flu, you could still pass the illness along to others.

"It just takes a few minutes, you know, just think of the effects it has on the other people," said Sue Sierralupe, the Clinic Manager at Occupy Medical. "That's something we in our society don't always think about, 'Well I've gotta take care of me.' Expand yourself of who me is."

The mobile clinic is available at Washington Jefferson Park in Eugene every Sunday from noon to 4 p.m.

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