OHSU doctor: No, racism isn't a side-effect of Ambien


An OHSU doctor and the makers of Ambien agree the drug's side effects do not include racism.

This comes after Roseanne Barr blamed her racially-charged tweets earlier this week on side effects of taking Ambien.

It's a powerful sleep medication that comes with known side effects like sleepwalking or even driving without remembering it the next day.

“These undesirable behaviors with no memory are a real side effect, so that’s a fair statement. However, they are not the reason for all bad behaviors that occur during the night,” Dr. Kimberly Hutchinson, associate professor of neurology and sleep medicine at OHSU, said.

Ambien is the most commonly prescribed drug for insomnia. Doctors say it should be taken in bed, just before you intent to go to sleep because the side effects can start quickly.

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