Oil sheen caused by unknown source near Astoria hotel spreads nearly 5 miles

Oil sheen off the coast of Astoria on Jan. 19, 2018 (Courtesy US Coast Guard)

The US Coast Guard, Oregon DEQ and the NOAA are on the scene of an oil sheen clean-up off the coast of Astoria Friday afternoon.

According to the Coast Guard, the sheen was spotted around 2 p.m. Thursday near the Cannery Pier Hotel. Friday morning, it had spread significantly across multiple piers. Crews were unable to dive into the water and search for the source of the spill Thursday due to dangerous conditions.

Dive teams were sent to check the spill Friday, and by the afternoon, still couldn't find the source.

Coast Guard officials say the sheen may have originated near the hotel, and has spread up and down the river for nearly 5 miles. A containment boom has been placed around the area.

"The source of the sheen is believed to have originated from the pier that used to serve the Union Fisherman Cooperative," said Lt. Cmdr. Madjeska, Chief of IMD Astoria. "We've placed boom around locations with the greatest amount of sheen and are also taking oil samples to aid in the investigation."

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