Stolen, abandoned puppies found in Cornelius

The Washington County Sheriff's Office tweeted out this photo Wednesday night after returning a puppy it says was stolen and then abandoned to its rightful owner.

The two puppies that deputies said were stolen and later abandoned have been found, the Washington County Sheriff’s Office said Wednesday night.

Two alert citizens spotted the puppies at two different locations.

Both puppies have been returned to their owner, deputies said.

The puppies somehow got out of their owner’s house early Tuesday morning.

The owners posted flyers and starting posting on social media.

Deputies said a community member alerted them that the puppies had been seen with a man in the area not long after they had disappeared.

Based on the description given to them, deputies said they tracked down the suspect, Sheikhnoor Abdi, who they said was known to them.

Deputies said Abdi admitted that he stole the puppies knowing they were probably just lost.

According to deputies, Abdi told them he abandoned them near the railroad tracks around 26th Avenue and Fremont after he realized he couldn’t take care of them.

Abdi was taken to the Washington County Jail where he faces two counts of first-degree theft, which is a felony.

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