Oregon City couple in their 80s get married Saturday

Photo: KATU

A couple in Oregon City is starting a new life together today.

Nine and Leo are newly married.

Nina is 87-years-old and her best friend and now-husband Leo is 84.

Both have been widowed for several years.

On Saturday, they got married in a ceremony at the Church of the Nazarene in Oregon City.

Nina tells us they started going out with a little help from Leo's daughter.

"It was kinda cute. His daughter was here from Missouri and we met her and we were on our way to have lunch and she said, ‘Nina, he's going to be awful lonesome when I leave.’ She says, ‘why maybe you can call him and talk to him’ and so she exchanged our numbers," Nina Morsman told KATU.

Both Leo and Nina say they're excited to have someone to go to church with, eat lunch with and to have companionship.

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