Oregon girl partially burned in accident hopes for letters from around the country

Moira/ Photo Credit: Beth Fusilier, Moira’s grandma

A 6-year-old girl in a Portland hospital and her family members are asking people from all over the country to send letters their way.

Earlier this year, 6-year-old Moira survived a terrible accident when the dress she was wearing caught on fire on a wood stove at her Baker City home.

Now, Moira is recovering at Randall Children’s Hospital, with about 30 percent of her body covered in second and third-degree burns. She has already had two surgeries and her grandmother, Beth Fusilier, who has been with her in the hospital since the day after the accident, says she’s scheduled to have three more.

“Her brothers tried to get the dress off and couldn’t, so her daddy was able to,” Fusilier said, adding her dad was burned in the process as well.

The family has no idea how much longer their little girl will be in the hospital.

“She is the most beautiful little girl you’ve ever seen,” Fusilier said, adding the little girl's teacher called her very smart. “He said, ‘I’m not worried about her getting behind, she could miss the whole year and she’d be ahead of the other kids.’”

While in the hospital, Moira turned 6. It’s certainly not how most children celebrate their birthdays, but it’s the reality of this very tough situation.

To try and make it better for the little girl who loves to learn, her family came up with an idea. They decided to ask for letters from people all over the country and the world. In the letters, the family is asking people to give a fun fact about the state or country the letter is coming from.

“My niece is sending a map and we’re going to put little markers or stars or something at each place that the cards come from,” Fusilier explained.

There’s already at least one card on the way, coming all the way from New Hampshire. Since the accident, Moira has made good progress. Thursday, she got to do something she loves once again.

“Her child life specialist [helped her] color for the first time [since the accident]," Fusilier said.

The hospital stay is also extremely expensive for the family. Moira’s parents have to travel between Baker City and Portland each week in between work shifts. If you want to donate to help pay for expenses, click here.

And if you'd like to send a letter, you can send it to:

PO Box 24
Baker City, Ore.

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