Oregon Horse Rescue desperate for public donations

Oregon Horse Rescue desperate for public donations (Photo Courtesy of Thomas Adams).

EUGENE, Ore. - A horse rescue non-profit near Eugene says it will likely have to close next March unless donations from the public really pick up soon.

For David Kelly, it was a dream launched five years ago, a sanctuary for horses down on their luck. But the dream, known as the Oregon Horse Rescue, needs a helping hand.

Kelly and his wife, Jane, set up the horse rescue to help horses who are older or medically compromised. OHR has saved close to 100 horses since 2012, and most of the horses come to the center from Lane County Animal Control seizures, from owners under financial duress, or for more dubious reasons.

Kelly says that even in the best of years, public donations only cover about 10 percent of the total costs to run OHR.

A yearly bill from the vet is about $60,000, and hay and grain costs $63,000 per year. Kelly says it adds up rapidly.

"We just need the public to step up and help these horses live out the life they deserve," said Kelly.

If substantial donations don't come in , Kelly says he'll have to think the unthinkable; closing down OHR, a decision he hope he'll never have to make.

"They deserve to live," said Kelly. "They don't deserve to be tossed aside."

Kelly says March 1 would be the date for closure if they don't get help quickly. For more information on their fundraising effort, you can visit the Oregon Horse Rescue website.

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