Oregon House passes reproductive health equity act


The Oregon House of Representatives passed nationally significant legislation Saturday aimed at guaranteeing reproductive health equity for Oregonians.

House Bill 3391, most notably, provides taxpayer funding for abortions and requires Oregon health insurance plans to offer coverage for abortions at no-cost to the patient. This includes elective late-term pregnancy terminations.

Republicans argued the bill would require Oregon employers with deeply held religious beliefs to violate their own moral convictions and force Oregon taxpayers to foot the bill for abortions.

The $10 million bill requires health plans sold in Oregon to include coverage for a wide range of reproductive health care services.

The Pro-Choice Coalition of Oregon, which developed he legislation over the past two years, applauded the bill's passage in the House.

The bill will also expand post-partum care to Oregonians of reproductive age who have coverage for labor and delivery that drops immediately after birth, and remove procedural barriers that hinder access to cancer screenings for transgender and gender-nonconforming Oregonians, according to Planned Parenthood Advocates of Oregon.

House Majority Leader Jennifer Williamson, Representatives Jeff Barker and Julie Fahey, and Senators Richard Devlin and Laurie Monnes Anderson are the chief sponsors of the bill, which is co-sponsored by 21 State Representatives and 10 State Senators.

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