Oregon man jailed in Mexico for months finally released

Courtesy Derek Bachmann

A Brightwood, Ore. father is a free man after spending more than 8 months in a Mexican jail.

Troy Bachmann has been running businesses in Mexico for more than 20 years, including a produce exporting business. Last year, Bachmann said he discovered five of his employees were stealing from him. He went to the state of Nayarit in Mexico, where he was thrown in prison and accused of not paying farmers money he owed from his produce business.

Troy Bachmann's brother, Derek Bachmann, has been leading the fight to free his brother.

"I spoke with him this morning. It's very surreal for him. ... When you spend so much time in a living hell, and you're finally out of it--it's a dream," Derek Bachmann told KATU.

Derek, who lives near Seattle, said a judge found Bachmann was not guilty of the crimes in September.

In spite of that verdict, Derek told KATU News that his brother was charged again in the investigation. Bachmann spent several months jailed in a 5-by-10-foot cell with six other inmates.

Derek and other family members have said the case against Bachmann is a mess, with a lack of evidence and several conflicting statements from the accusers.

"The people who set up my brother did a pretty good job of it, convincing everybody my brother was the bad guy," Derek Bachmann said.

Troy Bachmann returned to the U.S. on Saturday, and is currently spending time with family in California.

Derek Bachmann says Sen. Jeff Merkley was a big reason why his brother is coming home.

"Senator Merkley's office was very pivotal. They worked on it for months," Derek said. "Day and night, into the weekends."

Derek says his brother will be back in Oregon later this month.

"The only thing I really care about is that my brother is home and safe and with his wife and his baby."

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