Oregon National Guardsman posts offensive immigration comment

Oregon National Guardsman posts offensive immigration comment

At first look the post shocked a lot of people. A comment reading "waste of money...they're lucky we aren't executing them" was posted on a fundraiser to reunite immigrant parents with their children.

The commenter, Gerod Martin, is wearing an Oregon National Guard uniform in his Facebook profile picture.

“We started looking at it and trying to decide if someone had hacked his account,” said Major Stephen Bomar with the Oregon National Guard.

According Bomar, Private First Class Gerod Martin admitted to posting the comment himself.

“If you have a social media account that is affiliated with the military in any way shape or form, have a patch or says Army or Air Force, then you fall under the Uniform Code of Military Justice,” Bomar said.

And this was a violation.

“This was a clear violation in uniform to say anything like that, or anything political because we enforce the policies of our politicians,” Bomar said.

Bomar says the guardsman will be held accountable.

“That was just a horrific comment. I think we all saw what it was, even if he is not showing military uniform that is just a horrific comment,” Bomar said.

He says the Oregon National Guard has strict rules about how members conduct themselves on social media, they even attend a yearly training.

“One of our policies is to conduct yourself as though you’re a servicemember 24/7. Even if you are working a civilian job you are still part of our team and need to remember to have those values wherever you go,” Bomar said.

Bomar says this post will likely be included in their social media conduct training this year.

As for what punishment the PFC will face, according to the Oregon National Guard, that’s still being decided.

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