Oregon Recovers campaign aims at increasing drug treatment programs


Hundreds gathered in downtown Portland Saturday to support a new effort on changing the way we view addiction.

The new statewide campaign called “Oregon Recovers” was unveiled with a rally at Shemanski Park. Organizers said the goal is to broaden access to treatment.

At the center of the park, rally attendees built a giant mound of shoes. Each shoe represented someone who died from addiction – a way to highlight the need for recovery programs.

One of the supporters in the crowd was State Senator Lew Frederick of Portland District 22.

“You have both sides of the aisle. You have county commissioners, you have city people, you have all sorts of folks here," said Sen. Frederick. “It makes a big difference when you can see that you're not alone in this issue.”

Oregon ranks 6th in the country for drug abuse, and is the 5th worst for access to addiction services.

That high addiction rate is costing Oregon taxpayers an estimated $6 billion a year, campaign organizers said.

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