Oregon Secretary of State Dennis Richardson is receiving treatment for brain cancer

Conservative Dennis Richardson says he hopes his experience and economic views will win over the Portland crowd, known for its liberal leanings. But many Portlanders say Richardson will be a tough sell in a city that prides itself on being 'weird.' (AP Photo/Steve Dykes)

SALEM, Ore. – Oregon Secretary of State Dennis Richardson announced Wednesday that he will be receiving treatment for brain cancer.

Richardson said he was diagnosed in May.

“I’m blessed and optimistic. We caught it early. I have a treatment plan in place, and I have an exceptional support system here at work and at home,” he said in a press release.

Richardson says he will continue serving as Secretary of State.

He plans to use his diagnosis to advocate for all cancer victims, survivors and their loved ones.

“No one is promised tomorrow, so please use my situation as a reminder to be kinder, more patient, and more loving to each other. And, if by God’s grace we all live long, thriving lives, let’s live them with purpose,” Richardson wrote.

He said he will keep Oregonians posted on his treatment, and started with a live video on Facebook Wednesday afternoon.

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