Outburst outside MAX stabbing suspect's arraignment

Jeremy Christian arraigned on murder charges - KATU photo

Commotion erupted outside the courtroom Tuesday as the man charged with stabbing three men, killing two and seriously injuring the third, aboard a MAX train was arraigned.

Just as Jeremy Christian concluded his brief appearance, he declared, "You call it terrorism, I call it patriotism, die."

Yelling and screaming could be heard from the hallway as supporters of the victims confronted a supporter of the defendant.

“The message that he gave to America, because he knows that the world is watching, is that he will die and he will kill for his free speech,” said Teressa Raiford with Don't Shoot PDX.

Deputies escorted the man, who told KATU he is friends with Christian, from the Justice Center, prompting the group to lash out at law enforcement for protecting him.

Among those standing in solidarity with the MAX heroes was Raiford.

“I'm just disgusted that all that happened in our city on the bus,” Raiford said.

It's a feeling shared by many. Raiford says she hopes the city will finally change.

“I knew that Oregon’s racist past was happening right now presently, and I was disgusted that people’s families and our community had to deal with that,” she said.

Those involved in the confrontation could not get into the courtroom because all the seats were taken. Many say they were there to support the victims and stand in solidarity with the heroes who stood up to Christian.

Courtroom security locked down the Justice Center for a brief time until the supporters in the hall calmed down.

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