Package thefts on the rise, police offer help on protecting your deliveries

Composite image of a suspected package thief walking up to the doorstep in Forest Grove - Photos from Forest Grove Police

FOREST GROVE, Ore. – It’s that time of year again.

Online holiday gift orders mean lots of deliveries, and thieves are on the lookout for packages left on doorsteps.

Forest Grove Police said they’ve already had several reports of packages stolen from porches in town.

One of the thefts was recorded by a surveillance camera. Anyone with information on the suspect is asked to call (503) 629-0111.

Below are some ways that Forest Grove Police says you can protect yourself from potential thieves this holiday season:

  • Leave delivery instructions, such as requiring a signature or to place the parcel out of sight.
  • Try to schedule deliveries for when you are home, or arrange with someone you trust to have packages left on your doorstep picked up as soon as possible.
  • Deliver packages to somewhere else - such as a workplace or the post office. Some carrier services will allow you to ship to lockers or stores where you can pick up deliveries.
  • Monitor expected deliveries using the tracking services provided by most parcel carriers. If you get confirmation that your package was delivered but you didn't receive it , report the loss or theft to the original company, to the shipping company, and to the FGPD.
  • Keep your doorway well lit, make sure any home security signs are visible.
  • Be a good neighbor! If you see something suspicious, report it!
  • If you have gifts in the car, make sure your bags are locked in the trunk or hidden from view. Boxes and bags visible through car windows are enticing to thieves.
  • Contact the FGPD (or your local law enforcement) to report a theft as soon as possible, or call 911 if you see a crime in progress.
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