Package thieves caught on camera stealing brand new bike off porch

Suspects caught on camera stealing bike from Portland porch (KATU News photo).png

Security camera footage shows a man and woman pulling up in a pick-up truck in front of a Southeast Portland home, and getting away with a brand new bike and helmet last Tuesday.

The video was provided by a Sunnyside homeowner who asked to remain anonymous.

A FedEx delivery driver dropped off two large packages outside the home. Just 10 minutes later, a pick-up truck pulls up to the home.

A woman walks up to the porch, knocks on the door and waits a few seconds before returning to the truck.

A man then gets out of the truck, walks to the front door, knocks and takes a large box from the porch back to his truck bed. The box contained a new bike.

Before driving off, the woman is seen walking up the porch again, this time, to grab a smaller box. The homeowner says the box contained a helmet.

KATU News has blurred the alleged thieves' faces because they have not been charged with the crime.

According to Portland Police, package thefts have been reported more than ever, not because they are on the rise, but more homeowners are installing security cameras and catching the crooks.

The Southeast Portland homeowner says he will no longer have packages delivered to his home and instead have them shipped to work. He was prompted to browse the security footage after the receiving notice that the bike had been delivered and it no where to be found.

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