Parent leaves revolver in bathroom during volleyball tournament, found by coach

Gladstone High School (KATU News photo)

The superintendent of Gladsone Schools says a parent left a revolver inside a high school bathroom during a volleyball tournament.

According to a letter sent to parents, the incident was reported during a volleyball tournament at Gladstone High School Saturday morning.

A coach from a visiting team found the revolver on top of a toilet paper dispenser in the bathroom, and immediately called police.

Officers determined the weapon belonged to a parent of one of the players, who had forgotten the revolver in the bathroom. Police say he has a legal concealed permit.

Here's the full letter from the superintendent:

Dear Families:

I want to share an incident that occurred at Gladstone High School on Saturday morning (yesterday).During a volleyball tournament, a male coach from a visiting team reported to the tournament director that he had found a revolver on top of a toilet paper dispenser in a bathroom near the gym.

The coach immediately removed the gun from the school and called law enforcement. A Gladstone Police officer responded and took the revolver. We are grateful for his quick and appropriate action to protect students.

A parent from one of the participating teams told the building supervisor that he had placed his revolver in the restroom stall and forgot to pick it up. He was directed to the Gladstone Police Department. The matter is currently in the hands of law enforcement. The individual did have a legal concealed weapons permit.

While some students became aware of this incident, I am not aware that any students actually saw the revolver.

Please take this opportunity to speak with your teen about the importance of telling an adult immediately if they see or hear about a weapon in the school. Their quick action can keep our students safe.


Bob Stewart


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