Parents appeal PPS over autism program

(KATU Photo)

Several parents with students with autism have filed an appeal with the Portland Public Schools board.

They say this past fall the district stopped a partnership with behavior therapy providers, known as ABAs, that gave services in schools.

ABAs are often paid by insurance at no cost to districts.

One parent told KATU the district did not consult parents or providers about the change.

Another parent said it’s important for kids to get therapy in community settings, not just at home.

"Think about a kid with diabetes; you're not saying that you can get insulin only at home, you can't have insulin during school hours. You know, that doesn't work like that, you need to have this continual support for a child who has autism," said Tatiana Terdal, a parent of two children with autism.

KATU reached out to PPS, but have not heard back.

On Tuesday night, parents are hoping the board will vote to hear their appeal. The meeting starts at 6.

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