PBOT holds first open house to discuss creating 'South Portland' neighborhood

(KATU Graphic)

PORTLAND, Ore. – Portland Bureau of Transportation will hold its first open house Thursday to discuss adding a new directional neighborhood to Portland.

The proposal is currently working its way through the city council.

I would eliminate “leading zeros” on street numbers along the south waterfront, creating a directional neighborhood called “South Portland.”

The change would help police and firefighters because sometimes having a zero as the first digit in a house or business number can confuse technology used by 911 dispatchers – and also delivery services.

“I ordered something from Seattle and they called me twice to confirm that the leading zero was correct,” said James Clements who lives in the south waterfront area.

If the change is adopted, it would take effect as soon as 2020.

Thursday’s open house is scheduled to start at 11 a.m. at the Mirabella Auditorium.

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