PBOT to launch bike share program for the disabled

Portland's Bureau of Transportation showed off different types of bicycles Tuesday. (KATU Photo)

Portland's Bureau of Transportation gave us our first glimpse at its one-of-a-kind new bike share program.

The Adaptive Bicycle Project will give people with disabilities access to Portland's world-renowned cycling opportunities.

PBOT showed off different types of bicycles that work with different types of disabilities.

It hopes to light a spark of hope for people who may have given up on the idea of riding.

“We want everyone to enjoy the convenience of a short-term bike-rental program,” said PBOT spokesman Dylan Rivera. “It’s really great to be able to use a bike without having the burden of owning and storage and maintaining that bike. And we want to make sure that everyone has that opportunity even if you’re living with a disability that might have prevented you from trying a bike before.”

Portland’s adaptive bike rental project will be one of the only in the nation that partners with local bike shops.

Specific shops will be selected this spring.

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