PDX holds fall clean up event to keep tons of reusable stuff from the landfill

Fall clean-up at PDX.jpg

PORTLAND, Ore. – The Portland International Airport is working to keep waste out of a landfill with a fall clean-up event on Thursday.

PDX pulled out some odd items no longer in use and let airport employees take home what they wanted.

The items included useful things like old electronic equipment, along with some ornaments like holiday decorations and mannequin torsos.

“At the airport we have a lot of travelers, about 50,000 a day and it generates a lot of waste. So we're always looking for ways to minimize that,” said Lisa Appel, the Environmental Outreach Manager for PDX.

Appel said some of the stuff was given to non-profit groups, and anything that wasn't reusable will be broken down in to recyclable materials.

"We'll try to break it down into different component parts. For example, we'll actually deconstruct office chairs, put the metal in the metal recycling, plastic in the plastic recycling," she said.

Last fall, they say the program helped keep 15 tons of trash out of a landfill.

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