Peacock Lane neighbors cautiously optimistic after meeting with developer

522 S.E. Peacock. (KATU Photo)

Residents on Portland's well-known Peacock Lane are cautiously optimistic after meeting with a developer who wants to build a new home on the street.

"I think everyone is happy he came down," said Danny Decker of developer Vic Remmers. "He held his promise and was willing to work with us on the design of the home he's going to build."

Neighbors have been concerned ever since they heard the house at 522 S.E. Peacock Lane had been sold. The home sits on a large lot and the plans are to split the lot in two. The existing home, which sits at one end of the property, will likely be remodeled while a new home would be built on the vacant piece of land.

The new owner of the existing home has been shrouded in secrecy. Neighbors say they're still trying to learn the identity of that owner so they can learn what the plans are for the house. As for the vacant piece of property, Remmers has vowed to work with residents.

"They kind of gave me some feedback on what they'd like to see," said Remmers. "So I'm going to have my architects go back and look at trying to figure out a way to build something that fits in with what they're kind of looking for."

Neighbors know there are no guarantees, but they're at least encouraged that Remmers has agreed to include them in discussions.

"He was willing to come to the table," said Decker. "In any situation, debacle, or problem, it takes people to come to the table and try to find an equitable solution."

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