People run, walk in 'Heroes Challenge' to help local veterans

People run, walk in The Heroes Challenge to help local veterans.jpg

Some people started their Fourth of July this year honoring those who served our country.

Brian Graves strummed a soft tune, with a poster in memory of his dad, a Navy veteran, close by.

Singing a song passes the time, as Graves waits for the runners and walkers joining "The Heroes Challenge 4th of July" in Washougal Monday morning.

"It's certainly a great celebration of freedom for our country; it's not something everyone in the world enjoys," Graves said.

Dale Shifflett joined the 4 dozen walkers, runners and cyclists.

"[I spent] 3 years active duty Army, in the 101st airborne division. (101) just happens to be my (bib) number today," Shifflett said. "What can you say about our veterans, I mean, people putting their life on the line for our freedom."

All the proceeds are going to Point Man Ministries, a faith-based organizations made up of veterans helping about 80 other veterans in need.

"We know these men and women coming back from a combat situation in active duty need somebody to talk to and we do this in several different locations throughout Clark County," Jerry Keen with Point Man Ministries said.

Keen was a medic in Vietnam, and understands the support veterans need.

"They can talk to somebody who's sort of been there, done that. And it's really just a healing atmosphere," Keen said. "As much as we love the fireworks, it's not about the fireworks it's about the independence of our country and you know, how it all came about."

Shifflett was inspired by Monday's event.

"I'm going to get involved in it, now that I know about them, and I'm going to help some heroes," he said.

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