Some Albany residents report electric bill spike

Some Albany residents report electric bill spike

Stephanie Whipple couldn't believe her electric bill when she opened it up a few weeks ago.

"Why is it so high?" Whipple said. "Last month was $151, but normally it doesn't go over $85."

Whipple is a part of a chorus of people who turned to a local Albany Facebook group to alert their neighbors of the spike in their electric bill with Pacific Power.

"I'm the only one at home all day long so I don't have much going, we don't have central heat and air, all we have is electric," said her friend Serena Lemoine, who saw her December bill go up by $150.

Pacific Power officials say they did not increase the rates. The company says people should do a self-audit to determine what may have led to the sharp increase, such as the installation of new appliances, colder weather, or running Christmas lights.

"If it's legitimate then sure I'll pay it, no problem," said Lemoine. "But if it's something on their end that they're not doing right then they need to fix it."

Pacific Power says they recommend customers use their "Equal Payment Plan" which takes a user's yearly electric bill and divides it evenly so every monthly payment is the same.

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