Phishing breach compromises Oregon DHS client's data

(KATU Photo)

PORTLAND, Ore. – Oregon’s Department of Human Services announced Thursday that a data breach could have compromised nearly two million employee emails, exposing client’s private information -- including their names and Social Security numbers.

The agency hired an outside entity to find out how many Oregonians were involved, and what kind of information was exposed.

The department’s cyber security team confirmed a breach back on January 28, 2019. They say that nine employees opened a phishing link sent in an email back on January 8 that compromised their inboxes.

Officials managed to stop the unauthorized access, and the department is reviewing the incident to “clarify the number of impacted records that might contain personal information of clients receiving services from DHS.”

Individuals whose information was exposed will be notified once they've been identified.

There’s a hotline that will go live on Friday for anyone hoping to learn more about the breach; the number is at (800) 792-1750. People can also go online for the latest information.

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