Pines? Buds? Steelheads? Creative studio imagines possible teams for 'MLB to PDX' movement

Portland creative firm Jolby & Friends hosts event imagining what a PDX MLB team might look like - KATU image

The movement to bring Major League Baseball to Portland continued Sunday with an event featuring concepts for the possible team put together by local designers.

Creative studio Jolby & Friends hosted the event to talk about Portland’s history with the game, and to imagine what a future MLB team could look like – incorporating elements like team names, logos, uniforms and pennants.

The Portland Diamond Project is one of the groups that have recently started a call to bring an MLB team to the Rose City. Mike Barrett, the managing director for the project (and former Blazers TV announcer), says it’s been a communal effort with several organizations working to bring a team to Portland.

“Talk about an organic movement – that’s what we’ve loved about this,” said Barrett. “We want this to be a project of Portland, by Portland, and for Portland.”

Here were the six ideas for team names being thrown around at the event:

  • The Portland Buds
  • The Portland Californians
  • The Portland Pines
  • The Portland River Rats
  • The Portland Steelheads
  • The Portland Swifts

The event also offered up merchandise for the potential teams.

While not an official Portland Diamond Project event, Barrett said that seeing the creative spark and ambition from the agency leaves him optimistic for the overall push to bring a team to Portland. You can watch the full interview with Barrett below:

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