Plenty of options were available for safe rides home this year

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Local police are still adding up the numbers from New Year Eve’s patrols, but it appears DUI’s were at a minimum.

The roads were mostly safe for the people providing safe rides home, and there were plenty of ways to get home safe this year.

TriMet offered free rides, and the city of Portland partnered with Uber, Lyft and local cab companies for discounted fares. Those apps are making it much easier for people to leave the car at home.

TriMet hasn’t released rider numbers yet for the holiday, but we know rideshares were busy, despite surge pricing.

Lyft said its total rides nearly doubled New Year’s Day from the previous Monday.

Uber said more than 1,000 riders used its pool and split fare options to avoid the higher rates, although many took another option.

New Year’s Eve is always the busiest night of the year for local cabs.

“Some people forget the easy way, which is you can just flag down a cab that’s driving by. You don’t have to wait at all,” said Noah Ernst, superintendent with Radio Cab.

Thanks to Vision Zero coupons and a new app, customers have another option at their fingertips.

“We’ve definitely seen that become a bigger and bigger and ever growing portion of our business,” Ernst said. “So that’s exciting for us, because that makes it easier and smoother for customers to get cabs. But we’re always proud that no matter what, you call our number, and you can talk to a real person.”

Radio Cab is still tabulating all those coupons from this weekend. But it says its app definitely helped get plenty of people home safe.

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