Plunging temps refreeze metro, glaze roadways in ice and hard-packed snow

A combination of factors have sent our metro temperatures plunging to a low that many haven't seen in several years, refreezing roadways and covering the hard-packed snow with a hard layer of ice.

Clear skies, cold air and widespread snow cover have facilitated a drop-off into the teens and single digits around the metro area. Thursday night into Friday morning edged down into some of the coldest lows since the December 2013.

A long list of schools preemptively cancelled classes Friday, as road conditions stayed the same or got worse across much of the metro. See an updated list of closing here.

While we did get slight melting Thursday, and more is expected Friday, the trouble is that whatever melts with in the sun is certain to refreeze overnight. Models have pushed any significant warm-up beyond the weekend; highs will likely hover in the 30s through Sunday.

This refreezing takes whatever slush and puddling on the road and turns it to a foggy, snow-like ice that looks as if the snow has glazed over. (Not to mention the black ice from the puddles.) Expect a bumpy, slick ride if you have to drive.

As trees absorb melting moisture and refreeze each night, any weak or cracking branches could give in, falling on power lines, cars or homes.

TriMet announced that while MAX lines and bus routes would be operating as scheduled, they'd likely be on delay due to conditions and the 25mph speed limitation with the chains on. Some routes were detoured or cancelled. Check the latest alerts from TriMet here.

Next, with a rain system on the way (chock full of deep Pacific moisture straight off the jet stream), melting snow and rain accumulation bring the potential for flooding dangers early next week.


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