Police: 2 students try to get gun, other weapons for attack planned at Newberg HS

Newberg High School.

Two students are in custody after police said they uncovered a plan to attack students and staff at Newberg High School.

The students are accused of trying to get a gun and other weapons for a threat of violence against a list of students and staff members. Police said the students planned it for some time before June, and had made a list of supplies to carry out the attack. Officers first learned of the plot on March 3.

Interviews with several students, teachers and counselors helped "avoid this potential tragedy," the Newberg-Dundee Police Department said in a press release.

Yamhill County District Attorney Brad Berry said he thinks only one of the students will be charged.

A 17-year-old is in the Yamhill County Juvenile Detention Center. He was taken into juvenile custody on a probation violation. He will be charged with two counts of attempted assault and attempted unauthorized use of a weapon.

Berry on Tuesday couldn't release a lot details because it is still an active investigation. But he did say that what was allegedly being planned for the high school would have involved mass casualties.

He would also not disclose how many people were on the "hit list" but said there were many names.

He said two students came forward with information about two weeks ago that was definitely concerning, and as they began their investigation, they learned it went beyond just threats.

"We have a situation, genuinely, something has occurred, which was beginning to test the security and safety of this facility, and the people in it," Berry said. "Not just someone who was idly upset, and that should greatly concern us all."

School officials were not available for comment Tuesday, but they released a statement saying in part that since learning of the threat, classes and activities have resumed as usual and that counselors have been available to students. The school has also continued to communicate with parents and staff as they were able, including the fact the students in custody would not be returning to campus.

From Newberg-Dundee Police:

We take the safety and security of our schools very seriously and no one has a right to threaten that safety. We appreciate and rely on our strong working relationship with our school district, and the students in situations like this. This is a good reminder for students that if they see or hear of something that could affect the safety of others, make sure and report it to a teacher, counselor, or a police officer.

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