Police say teen was carrying replica firearm near Beaverton High School

0222 beaverton high school generic.png

Beaverton High School went into a lockdown Monday morning on reports that a student was seen with a gun in his pocket near school grounds.

Police got the call around 8 a.m. when two students said another student showed them a weapon outside the school.

"She said she was petrified. No direct threats, but made some statements that made them feel uncomfortable about why he may be on campus," Beaverton High School resource officer Jeremy Shaw said.

One officer determined the suspect was not in the school, so the lockdown was changed to a lockout, preventing anyone from getting inside the school.

The 16-year-old was found about a block away with a replica of a firearm.

He'll be charged with criminal trespassing.

The entire incident took about an hour.

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