Man shot, killed by officers in downtown Portland identified

Photo of Patrick Kimmons from family members.

PORTLAND, Ore. -- Family and friends held a vigil Monday for a man who died in the hospital after he was shot by Portland police officers over the weekend.

On Monday afternoon, police identified the man as 27-year-old Patrick K. Kimmons.

The shooting happened early Sunday morning in a parking lot near the intersection of SW 4th Avenue and Harvey Milk Street.

Initial reports state Officer Jeffrey Livingston and Sergeant Garry Britt were on patrol in the area when they heard gunfire. Police said two people were injured in that initial shooting -- they were both taken to the hospital in private cars with serious, but non-life-threatening injuries.

Britt has been involved in at least one other police shooting in 2012.

According to police, the officers arrived at the scene and ultimately fired at Kimmons. No word on his role in the initial incident, or what led up to the officer-involved shooting.

Kimmons was also taken to a hospital where he was later pronounced deceased.

Investigators said they recovered multiple guns at the scene, including a firearm that was reportedly found near Kimmons.

Family told KATU Kimmons was shot in the back several times while running away from police. Police have not said how many shots were fired or what exactly caused them to fire their weapons.

Police interviewed two witnesses. They are also reviewing a video of the events that was recovered from the scene.

Both the sergeant and officer were placed on administrative leave pending an investigation. They are set to be interviewed later this evening, within 48 hours of the shooting.

Friends and loved ones gathered near the shooting scene at 5 p.m. Monday to hold a vigil.

Family told KATU that Kimmons was a father of three. He has a criminal history and was involved with a gang, but family say he was turning his life around.

"He was trying to make something for his kids. He knew how important his kids were to him. He loved them, he cherished them," said Sherri Norman, the mother of Kimmons' long-time girlfriend.

A account was started to cover funeral expenses and other costs for the family.

His mother, Letha Winston, wrote on the Gofundme page: "My son's murder will be justified and the officers more than likely will not be reprimanded. This pain has to stop! I wouldn't wish this reality on anyone. The police hide behind their badge and pledge of service, feeling as though that gives then the right to kill, shooting my son 16 times in the back. My son is not the first, and unfortunately god forbid not the last."

Hours after Sunday's shooting, protesters decorated the street corner with flowers and chalk. They say this was another instance where police needlessly killed a black man.

Mayor Ted Wheeler's office released the following statement to KATU News:

“In the early hours of Sunday morning an officer-involved shooting led to the death of a man named Patrick Kimmons. My thoughts are with his family and those affected by Sunday’s events, including the officers involved, witnesses, and our community partners who work every day to reduce conflict and violence in Portland. In the coming days and weeks, many will rightly have questions about what happened. These questions are important; the answers are important. There are now multiple active investigations, and I am committed to ensuring accurate information is disclosed as quickly and completely as possible.”

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